Summer time paddling

Wow, it's late May and it's still raining and the rivers are still flowing here in Alabama!!! This is best season we've had in two or three years for North Alabama. School has been busy this month, but this past weekend me and some friends found the time to hit up LRC and the Ocoee. Enjoy the pics!! !

A little airflip action at Hell Hole, Ocoee River Pic by Luke Hill

Huckin' a free wheel of LRC falls pic by Adam Goshorn

Rapid maintenance

Avalanche (low water line) pic by Luke Hill

(This pick doesn't really give justice to the tightness and sieve pile that Avalanche is at low water.)

Finishing Pin Ball pic by Luke Hill

See ya on the water!!!
-Charlie Mix

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Anonymous said...

Nice Charlie.

How is Luke. It has been many moons since i heard a dog whisper about Luke Hill.

tony d