Jay Panther on North American Tour


I just got back from my third North American Tour stop in Apex, British Columbia where I got tenth place. I skied okay and jumped really well. I competed my D-Spin 1080 for the first time and had great success. I landed the trick with consistency all week and the judges rewarded it with near perfect scores. It feels really good to bring that trick to contest. My skiing, however, was a little off all week. I have been working some significant changes in my technique and as a result skied slow, especially for me. I am hoping it is a take one step back to take three steps forward, situation.

We are now in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for our fourth and final Nor Am Tour contest. The contest is Thursday and Friday, both days starting at noon, Mountain Standard Time. To watch the contest live go to www.urtur.com, and click on the LIVE link at the top right hand corner. We trained today and the course is great. I am very excited to compete and plan to finally get the winning result that has eluded me all season. Unfortunately, Micheal Kingsbury from Canada has already mathematically won the North American Tour overall, so there will be no U.S. Ski Team spots awarded this season. My next chance to move up the U.S. Ski Team rankings is Nationals at the end of March.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Jay Panther

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