Jay Panther Steamboat Nor Am


The North American Tour is officially over and I ended fifth in the overall. Last weekend in Steamboat I got seventh and tenth in singles and duals respectively. The weekend did not go exactly as planned as a win or even a podium is still eluding me but I am very happy with my results. Again I competed my California Roll (D-Spin 1080) both days and landed them all. That in itself is a victory as the learning curve on bringing a new trick to contest is usually a full season, so I am happy having immediate success. This fact really brightens my hopes for Nationals and puts me in a great situation for next year as I will not have to focus on a new trick. I can focus on my skiing (which is 50% of the score) and consistency! I have attached video from my finals run on singles day in Steamboat. The trick I do off the first air is my California Roll. Enjoy!

Nationals is March 24th-28th and is my last chance to move up the U.S. Ski Team rankings. The winner of the singles event at Nationals gets a B Team spot and the winner of the duals event gets a C Team spot. My skiing is feeling better than it has all season and my jumping is getting more consistent. I am heading into this last event full of confidence and ready to win! Thank you for your love and support. I will let you know more details about the live webcast as the event gets closer.

Jay Panther

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