five months chile

I found myself at the edge of my seat about to land in Santiago Chile. All I could think about was what the next four months would hold for me. I was planing on staying in pucon, the huck capital in chile, for three months. Then, working in futa a bit, getting some cash to go home with. Little did I know once in Pucon I would share a house with an old friend Jared Seiler and Demshitz, LJ Groth. Probably some of the best roomates to ask for in a huckland such as Pucon. http://www.demshitz.com/demshitz/Home.html I was also surprised in Futaleufu I would be invited to the baker with a group called Rio Libres. This would extend my trip another month and expose me to more the canyons on the Rio Baker. http://rioslibres.com/ This group was making a film giving the Rio Baker a voice, showing the social and ecosystems affected by the river. This journey lead to a two weeks of exploring the source to sea for the baker. Starting at one of the many glaciers in the Northern Ice field that feed it, to the outlet into the pacific ocean. These are just some of the many pics from the trip...I wish I could post them all.

Getting a little too deep in the upper rio Claro. My first ascending out of a canyon.

Lj Groth, wisely choosing handpaddles for his weapon of choice on the Portage drop in the upper Palguin. The picture does not show how tight this drop gets in the beginning 10 ft, before spitting you out on the second 25 ft drop

Hitching a ride on the back of a concrete truck on the way to the baker. Our axel actually cracked in half on the trailer. This guy took our boats, gear, and the trailer too. Ironically This concrete was headed to a different spot slated for damming.

A typical sweet view of Volcan Villarica. This is from the put in of the rio Plata

Local legend Rodrigo Tuschner, hucking demshitz drop on the rio Nevados. An hour and a half before one of he companies ducky trips. This is his pre work warm up.... loving life for sure.

LJ hucking, at the very top, the seconed decent of the Salto Palguin, at least 80 plus feet. He cleened it.

La parrilla de piera, perfecto pora churi pan

view below the 180 degree caricol drop on the Rio Claro. Super tight and tall basalt canyon.

The caricole on the rio Claro

everywere in the south the north of chile.

manditory tight 20 ft on the rio nevados

the fun first slide on the Nevados. Here, E.G is filming T. Bradt slaying it at a perfect level.

Me and my WRSI cating some boof on one of the many perfet fun water falls on the upper Nevados.

The veiw Futaleufu sent me off with the moring I left.

Jared on one of the upper drops on the Rio Blanco upper, first desent.

The welcoming hotsprings at the take out of the rio Blanco. It was a first desent Rodrigo was looking at and shared with us, Jared, Lj, and myself.

jared charging like always on the Rio blanco

E. G. the killa greesing the first falls at Tres Saltos.

Myself dancing with the demshitz drop on the junction of the Lower Nevados.

welcome view to the Rio baker.

rapid 3 on the baker
entery salto on the baker.

scouting the stouting. The Middle palguin falls.
My helmet saved my head from my paddle shaft on my second desent.


always a welcome sign

In surch of costal waves and waterfalls at Palvidad, off the coast of chile near Chaiten.

Chile 2010 DEMSHITZ from Isaac Levinson on Vimeo.

Thanks most from my head which took a few hits for sure and my WRSI throw bag which greatly aided in me getting my good friend Jordi Batlle Neira out of a nasty pothole slipping behind the viel of the dulce drop on the Nevados. Thanks to all my friends who helped me along my journey. Without which my trip would not have been such a great success.


Val said...

Hey bud',
Good times in Chile!!!!
Thanks for good moments on the river!!
Seeya somewhere around the world soon!! ;-)

RiotAJ said...

Nice post Todd. It was good to reconnect with ya down there this year. What are your plans for the summer and next winter?