Sluice training.

So, today was the second day of testing of the new Pyranha Molans for Robbie and Shane and some much needed training for me. The day started off quite Sunny and cooled down as we progressed. This wasn't a problem for those of us who haven't donated our brains to some kind of Frankenstein-esque experiment but Shane thought it was a good idea to wear his semidry kag and was freezing in minutes.
Neil showed up, and Oisin shortly after, and good times were had by all who weren't icicles.

Me plugging for a loop.

Robbie, mid loop.

Luckily, I've come off my trend of poor sessions and we all got loads of spins, a few loops, and even one or two blunts were had. After a few solid hours of Sluicing we finished up and went home.

(photos courtesy of Oisin Kelly)


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