Irish freestyle team trial event two

Okay,this was the second of two events of the team trails which took place on the 14th of March 2010.The first event took place in Clifden,Galway on the 27th of February 2010 which was a great success. Anyways everyone met at the car park at Sluice, Lucan,Dublin for 11a.m were everyone registered.After that we all got change and headed down for sluice for a few minutes practice before the event kicked off.

During the practice all the juniors were landing sweet moves Robbie O'Shea got a sweet air loop and a bread and butter and Shane little got a Mac Nasty.

The competition started with junior men's.Its a great feeling when your adrenaline is pump around your body just as you start your first run.We all got on the water and threw some nice moves a few Bunts, Spins, Roundhouses, Cartwheels.

Next was the junior women's and women's mixed because there was so few of them .There was a few good moves going on there as well,but I didn't really see them cause I was just getting of the river.I heard the best junior women doubled the best junior men's score.

After that was the men's class.There was some nice moves going on there I saw some blunts, loops, air screws, Mac Nasty's etc.

Then finally C1 which was pretty good with the winner being a junior.

Then the competition was over and we all got on the water for a warm down session,then we went back to get changed and headed over to Mc Donalds and got some Shamrock Shakes and waited for the results.

Juniors men's:
1st Eoin Farrell
2nd Alan Murphy
3rd Robert O' Shea

Juniors women's:
1st Emer Farrell
2nd Caoimhe Farrell
3rd Niamh Cleary

Women's k1:
1st Jackie Ferguson
2nd Deirdre Ni Droighnean

Men k1:
1st Brian Cahill
2nd Neil Gibson
3rd Ronnie Brennan

1st Eoin Keyes
2nd John O'Rourke
3rd Kevin McCabe

I would like to thanks Irishfreestyle and all the organisers of this event,I felt it was a great success and we all had great fun.



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