Jay Panther Skiing in Australia


The contest this weekend went well. I got third the first day and fourth the second day! The weather was crazy with winds upwards of one hundred kilometers an hour and nearly 30 centimeters of snow. The snow here is much different that what I am used to in Park City. It comes down almost as fast as rain because it is soo wet and feels more like cream than powder when it accumulates. With that much snow it would be reasonable to believe that the course would be soft and easy but that is not the case. The snow sets up and becomes very slick and after just a few people have skied over it, it turns hard as cement. Either way, it was great to get in the gate and compete in August. My skiing is improving very rapidly over here and I am very excited to compete again next weekend. We drive six hours to Mt. Buller on Thursday and compete Saturday. The winner of the event gets $2500! That would be a very nice offset to the cost of this trip :)

Thank you all for your love and support. I have attached a couple of photos.

Jay Panther

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