Powerbar Fuels Jay Panther

Today I played in Baxter Jack's Old School Beach Volleyball Tournament in Louisville, KY. The heat was in the mid 90's but with the humidity the heat index was well over a 100 degrees. The tournament started at 9:00 AM and we did not get done playing our last game until 7:00 PM. Fatigue was a huge factor today, especially as the tournament wore on. We were able to win two games against better teams simply because one of the players was so fatigued we were able to expose him. My partner and I were able to stayed fueled on Powerbars' Ironman Performance drinks and Apple Cinnamon Energy Performance Bars while the other teams ate hot dogs and drank water. Thank you Powerbar for providing the products that allow me to perform at my highest level longer! We ended up getting 5th and Powerbar was very much a part of our success!

Jay Panther

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