Wavesport Sluice Rodeo 2010

Sluice is my local wavey, holey thing that we make do with as our go-to feature most of the time. It sees one, maybe two competitions a year and a a team trial event. It's probably not to risky, then, with over 50 entrants to say that last Saturday's Sluice Rodeo was the biggest competition to ever happen there. And it certainly delivered.
It took the format of a fun rodeo, Starting off with Junior men's heats and progressing it's way through very category, including an old-school rodeo and fun (no-spraydecks-allowed) boater cross with tunes blaring out the whole day, crowd cheering every competitor and everyone generally having a great time.
Alan Murphy setting up for 2nd place.

Myself, mid space godzilla. Placed 6th.

Robbie O'Shea looping into 1st place.

Congratulations to all winners in their respective categories.
Thanks to Adrian Durrant and Irishfreestyle for organising the event and also to the event's sponsor, Wavesport. Photos courtesy of Eoin Keyes.
Full results from the day available here.


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