Jay Panther Fall 2010


I am writing from Apex, B.C. I have been up here for the last week and will be here for another week. There is a full mogul course and the training is absolutely great! I have attached a video from my training yesterday, enjoy and know it will only get better! I am still knocking the rust off my skiing and jumping but I am very happy with how I am doing. I have my first contest of the year in two weeks in Steamboat Springs, CO. It is U.S. Freestyle Ski Team Selections Event and if I am first or second overall after the two day event, I will be promoted to the U.S. Freestyle C Team and earn World Cup Starts this season!!! I am training hard and have no doubt that I will be in the best imaginable position to win the event.

I had a great fall season in L.A. I trained daily at Virtual Snow and played a lot of volleyball. I earned my B and then A rating in two man beach volleyball. Once I earn my AA and AAA ratings I will be able to compete in professional tournaments! I think that it was a perfect fall of training and preparation for the upcoming ski season. Beach volleyball is all plyometrics and explosiveness, precisely what I need for skiing. Virtual Snow really fine tuned my skiing abilities and balance so when I did get on snow I was already way ahead of the curve.

Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you for all your love and support!

Jay Panther

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