Snowy Smokies Fun

Well we got some good snow out here in the Smokies and went to go up to the park to check out and see if anything would be boardable which consequently turned out to have all the roads closed. During our mission to find a suitable slope we found a pretty little waterfall out by Cherokee which Tim tried to claim might be runnable sometime but I don't know after looking at it. We also made our way out to look at some of the mountains covered and still nothing suitable. Drove back to Moonshadow and chilled for a little bit restarting the fire and talking to some of the neighbors there. Then we were told about the Sequoyah National Golf Course by one of the Neighbors when we were saying we were looking for a good steep hilly area to go snowboard at. Once again we made way down the icy driveway and back out in search of the course.
As we made our way down the highway we found the golf course and headed up the steep hills to find a beautiful layout before our eyes. Then out of the pro shop popped one of the employees and we began to fear we were about to be told to scram. However after a bit of discussion with the guys they allowed us to head on out to the hill and have a great time riding all over. Then as we geared up and got out to the lip we were greeted by a couple employees watching us ride it out. So we wound up finding ourselves a nice little gem on a day where all our hope was originally dashed by a lack of GSMNP. Hope everyone else is having as good of a time as we are here down south. Peace Paul

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