Winter Has Come

Down here in the South East winter has made its way with this bit of cold weather. Snowboarding is now in full swing as many of the local mountains are now open for business. Granted its SE snowboarding so its icy and nasty but hey its better then nothing. However more recently with Ty's fall break aligning with my break from work we were able to get out to Eternity on the East Fork of the Tuck and do a bit of filming. Here are the results of the time spent there.

I named the video Modality due to it being a word that I think describes the sensation of kayaking pretty well. Modality is defined as any of the various types of sensations. Thus I felt that the sensations we feel during kayaking are pretty euphoric and could be well described by this word. Hope everyone else is doing good and hopefully we will get some rain/snow here again down South and the treats will be open for the taking again. Peace Paul

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